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Engage Rather Than Barrage

Engage Rather Than Barrage

One of the easier ways to increase the outcome of your fundraiser is to utilize all the tools of social media. That’s not to say that you should just blast and blast and blast on Twitter and Facebook that you’re “having a fundraiser.” You want to use social media to engage rather than barrage.  Engage those that might be helpful to your fundraiser.



Using Social media to ‘hero’ your cause NOT just to fundraise


How can you engage people for your fundraiser? Make certain your organization is using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and a myriad of other social media platforms that can help keep your fundraiser top of mind, and hopefully spur additional monies. The key to using social media for your fundraiser is to utilize the benefits of each particular form of social media.


Pictures on Instagram

For example, Instagram is based mostly on pictures. Do you have something beautiful surrounding your fundraiser? Is it being held in a beautiful location?  Is there artwork up for sale in an auction?  Do you have a great group picture of the people involved in the organization that are going to benefit? Those would be ideal scenarios to use Instagram to highlight a story easily told through a photograph.

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Discussions on Facebook

Facebook is a great way to create a discussion about facets of your fundraiser. For example, you can engage your audience with a question based post on Facebook: Which restaurants would you love to see participate in our silent auction this year? With that type of Facebook post, you’re encouraging people to take an active role in helping determine some of the areas of the fundraiser.  Facebook is ideal for conversations- posts and replies. It’s a great tool to help you determine what is and what isn’t important to those you are trying to reach. The key with something like Facebook is to make sure you’re actually listening to the respondents.  Don’t let social streams just be a hollow, one-sided conversation on Facebook. Respond to those that are posting responses in a timely and kind manner. That way they know they’re being heard, and therefore might be more apt to help when it comes fundraising time.


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Quick Hits on Twitter

Because of the structure of Twitter, tweets limited to 140 characters and a rapidly moving stream it lends itself to quick hits. One hundred and forty characters forces the tweeter to be efficient in the messaging. A few creative way to beat the 140 characters is to use links to other web locations or photos with text or pictures. Twitter does not count links towards the character count nor does the system include attachments in the character count.  

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Stay Current and Relevant

Social media is such a huge part of today’s life experience that you must make certain you don’t ignore it. People are used to checking on social media throughout the day for information and entertainment.

Once you’ve established your audience on social media, you also need to make sure you continue to nurture them and take care of them. That may sound silly, but it’s the truth. If you’re building an audience, you need to make sure you keep them entertained and engaged for the long haul, so that you can continue to count on them when you need it. Include current events that relate not only to your immediate group but to the industry as a whole. Link and quote relevant thought leaders.

You’d be doing your fundraiser a disservice if you didn’t actively participate on social media throughout entirety of the fundraising campaign. A few minutes a day on social media can really add up to lots of additional dollars in your coffers when the fundraiser is over.



Social Network Pages are Free

It doesn’t take long to sign up and create user accounts for your organization on a number of social media platforms- and they’re all free! Establish a following before your fundraiser starts, and you’ll be on your way maximizing the tools at your fingertips to create a dynamic fundraising campaign for your organization.

Did you know you can schedule posts in advance?

There are a number of apps that allow you to pre-schedule posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media outlets. That’s very convenient, as it allows you to schedule all your posts in advance, and space them out properly, so that you don’t have to be sitting in front of a computer anytime you want to post something.  Pick one day a week and schedule all your social media posts in one sitting. Choose several alternate times of the day, including early morning and late night for posting. Try posting on weekends and holiday.


By pre-scheduling reaching your audience throughout various times can be planned strategically.  Fundraising Fox favorite scheduling tools are: Hootsuite and Buffer.


Fun Fox Fact:

Packs provide Foxes safety and security that insures long term ecosystem stability. Fundraising groups need to foster the ‘pack’ to maintain strength and prosperity. Building a pack in our digital world is quite simple but does require maintenance to stay fresh and relevant.




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