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“Our gymnastics team needed funds!  Exhaustive Google searches only came up with single fundraising options and plenty of irrelevant  information.  Fundraising Fox let us quickly scan our options.  We never EVEN considered a few of the categories but now have an entire year’s worth of fundraising planned out.”

Victoria | Gymnastics Mom

“GiveBack used to be our favorite fundraiser for our elementary school.  In the past we only looked 1 or 2 restaurants.  With Fundraising Fox we now have an entire inventory to choose from.”

Hope | Fundraising Committee Member | PTO Elementary School

Fundraising Fox puts all the fundraisers at our fingertips. In the past we spent too much time trying to find new and exciting fundraisers to excite our parents each year. We can quickly scan and choose then move on to actually fundraising.

Valeri | PTSA President Don Estridge Middle School

For years we search to connect with schools and fundraising groups in a very time consuming fashion.  There is no way to reach fundraising seekers in methodical fashion… until now with Fundraising Fox.

Diane | Business Owner | Go Take A Hike

There was no expert fundraising authority and listing of fundraisers in one place; until now. Listing our product on this master resource has given us the opportunity to be seen by all types of groups looking to fundraise.

Auctria |

“Dance teams spend a lot of time in the studio practicing.  The last thing we want to do is spend more time looking for a fundraiser.  Fundraising Fox helped us quickly narrow down the options and we made choices that will (hopefully) fund our competitions.  If not, we have plenty more to choose from for next year!”

Rochelle | Dance Mom

Fundraising Fox has lots of articles to get our new fundraising committee off to the right start. They are fresh with ideas to make this our best year yet!

Sarah | PTSA President