Meet the Foxes


Collectively the Foxes have been fundraising for over 20 years.  

Many lessons have been learned the hard way.  It’s time to pass on those lessons to take you from beginner to Fox in no time.  

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Laurie started her career in the insurance and pharmaceutical sales industry.  As Director of Client Management and Sales for a national insurance company she managed a team of 15 National Account Managers.   She launched many new products, negotiated sales and service for customers large and small and worked hard to achieve career pinnacles.  Collaboration and organization in this environment was essential for long term goal achievement.


Volunteering was the next phase in her work career.  Once again she learned from the ground up acquiring new knowledge each step of the way to be a proficient not-for-profit team member.  Eventually rising  to the role of PTA President put her in a familiar– yet different leadership position. Different because the team members  were no longer co-workers but co-volunteers.  


For the past several years Laurie has combined her knowledge of  the not-for-profit and for-profit worlds.  As  Director of  Digital Marketing for a fundraising company, she created content and used her expertise in social media and Google Ads & Analytics to build the success of the organization.


Lesson Learned: Volunteers are NOT employees so remember time commitments vary widely.  Appreciate each person’s volunteerism and use their time judiciously.  



Sheryl started her career as a CPA at Deloitte & Touche, as an auditor, providing expertise for firms in numerous industries. Auditing developed her leadership skills, how to work as a team player and understand financial statements.  An auditor works in small groups with different “bosses” all the time.  Observing different  leadership techniques provided a greater understanding of techniques which effectively  motivate employees to work hard and together.   


After years in the for profit world, she got involved in many community volunteer organizations where she could utilize all the skills  learned as a CPA.  Sheryl has worked on fundraising in an Executive Board capacity in her local schools, sports and religious organizations.  Who would have known her accounting experience would be  so helpful in the not for profit world?  She has now come full circle in her career.  With Fundraising Fox she is able to use her business skills and share her knowledge of fundraising to develop this informational website which can help fundraising groups  find the perfect fundraiser for them!


Lesson Learned: Respecting the people you work with will allow you to achieve your goals and have fun doing it.

Laurie & Sheryl Combine Forces

Sheryl and Laurie met 10 years ago as volunteers on their PTA board.  Together they learned how to successfully run a not for profit.  Their past experiences span both for-profit and not-for profit worlds.  It has been a harmonious course that has brought diverse skills and experiences to various jobs and now to Fundraising Fox.   This is a  directory and informational website that  focuses on keeping fundraising leaders up to date on the newest fundraisers,  gives them helpful tips in successful fundraising, and allows volunteers to share the ideas and questions.  Sharing fundraising skills, communication techniques and pursuing efficiency are the hallmarks that have helped many fundraising groups get stronger and smarter.   Fundraising Fox is here to help you!