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Learn How to Fundraise

Each fundraising audience is unique and can even vary year to year based upon the current environment.  Each year evaluate the needs, understand the audience, map out a plan and always remember to thank everyone.  Assessment of fundraising needs should include a review of past fundraising events in order to make a forward thinking plan to meet current fundraising goals.  When evaluating fundraising goals, always keep in mind the needs versus the wants.


New to fundraising or a seasoned veteran?  The landscape of the fundraising industry is evolving.  Engaging with donors and potential donors has always been a priority.  The vehicle to reach these people is changing.  Terminology such as impressions, engagement, follow, share, like, tweet are important to understand if you want the fundraiser to succeed.   Fundraising Chairperson should try to understand the audience needs; and also understand HOW to reach the audience.  Personal interactions while fundraising varies depending on the audience (sports teams- schools– collegiate– religious –health and wellness– disaster).  Talk to the stakeholders before making big decisions and decide on common goals.


Mapping out a fundraising plan in advance helps stay focused on the goals.  Change in fundraisers can be good for variety and re-energizing a sleepy audience; BUT, if something is working spectacularly do not change it!  Don’t feel obligated to change just for change sake.


Fiscal responsibility on fundraising is a foundation that must be solid.  The outside donor has a critical eye when deciding to whom and how much to donate and spend on fundraising.  Be knowledgeable and organized about budgeting, tracking and above all be transparent.  Keep the fundraising financials straight will help focus on the end goal.


Volunteer management and communication is key to any fundraising venture, small or large.  Working with volunteers is much different than working in an employee & employer environment.


Connecting with donors takes a nurturing and methodical strategy.  Continue to share stories, photos and videos of how the fundraising dollars helped the cause.  Past donors are also the best future donors.



Find High Quality and Top Fundraising Vendors

Doing a google search for top  fundraisers yields an array of  ads and old blog posts   Wading through all the pages can take up a lot of your time yet yield no results for your needs.   Fundraising Fox allows you to search fundraisers in an organized fashion, with no time to waste. Fundraising Fox never accepts commissions and is completely independent with no alliances to ‘recommend’ one vendor over another.


Groups who seek fundraising options use Fundraising Fox to find their next best fundraiser. Any group that wants to raise money for a cause can view the Fundraising Fox Directory FREE.  In addition, they can find expert practical advice on all areas of fundraising or look up tips  when short on time.  Questions to ask before choosing a fundraiser should go down on paper and assessed with the fundraising team before making a decision.



Connect Directly with Fundraising Vendors

Fundraising Fox streamlines the process saving you time and effort so you can do what you do best- fundraise.  Our verified fundraising vendors offer honest details for services and products.  Verified fundraising vendors have industry knowledge to guide you to reach your fundraising goals.  Connect directly with fundraising vendors with no in-between entity.    Discover new fundraising categories, discover new fundraising vendors or re-connect with an old favorite. Explore Fundraising Categories.


Product Sales
Tend to be catalog based

Product fundraisers focus on selling products people already are buying or want to buy.  By offering items people already buy at a great price and for a good cause, people are more likely to participate.

View product sales fundraising vendors.


Food Sales
Already prepared or ready to cook or consume

Food fundraisers focus on selling food products that are are either a simple commodity or niche and unique.  Food fundraisers tend to be catalog based with a theme such as candy, snacks, popcorn, cookies, cookie dough.  Food sales can be raw product such as cookie dough or popcorn bags, OR already prepared foods such as candies and lollipops.

View food sales fundraising vendors.


Crowd Funding
Direct ask to stakeholders for donations

A fundraiser to raise money from small amounts of donations from a large number of people. This is typically done  online or mobile and relies  upon social media sharing to engage in giving.

View crowd funding fundraising vendors.


Retailers and restaurants

Giving Back fundraisers allow your donors to dine or shop at their favorite places. Restaurants and retail shops typically give 10-20% back to the cause.

View give back fundraising listings.


Fundraising Software
Get organized, long term planning

This type of software helps to streamline fundraising by managing volunteers, memberships, donors & overall record keeping.  You may notice software these days is web based Software as a Service (SaaS).

View fundraising software programs.


Special Events
Events with a purpose

A fundraising event that occurs for a limited time with a specific purpose.  Special events tend to be themed with an activity to trigger short term interest yet with a specific impact.  Using a special event brings freshness, ignites new passion and unique donors.

View special event fundraising vendors.


Expert Advisor

Fundraising with an expert can exponentially increase income.  Professional consultants, coaches and event coordinators specializing in fundraising.  Utilizing experts can move fundraising efforts from ordinary to extraordinary.  Investing in the time and money with experts can optimize fundraising campaigns.

View expert fundraising advisers that are ready to serve.


Even More
Unique and do it yourself fundraising

Fundraising activities that don’t fit in the box.  Inspirational fundraising special interests, projects, philanthropic services, DIY.

View unique fundraising options.



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The fundraising community you have been craving is being built on our website, Facebook and Twitter pages.  Our team creates original content and our partners continually provide current knowledge to help groups meet their goals.  Fundraising organizations will find relevant quick tips, articles and resources to maximize their fundraising potential.   Join in on the conversation with like minded fundraising leaders and volunteers.  Share the know how.



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